• Medallion Of The Wild Forest (BB)

Medallion Of The Wild Forest
Composed by Hans Loirs for Brass Band Pays de la Loire, premiered at the French National Brass Band Championships.
This revised version is now available for all bands.
In the 7th Century, the young adventurer Edmond found documents belonging to his great-grandfather, who had done research on a medallion, which ancestors would have placed on top of a mountain to preserve the sustainability of the entire forest. To this day, no one can find this mountain anymore and the young adventurer and his companion, the Golden Eagle, therefore decide to go searching for it in memory of his great-grandfather. The beginning of the piece recounts the arrival of the two adventurers on the island of KINAO during sunrise after a long journey through the landscapes of the wild forest. After they have arrived at the top of a cliff, young Edmond climbs on the back of his compatriot to explore the forest as seen from the sky, with its shores and large trees inhabited by many species. The amazed little boy sees a cave in the distance and they decide to go there to spend the night. The second movement tells the story of the child when he sees a purple light in the reflection of a puddle of water when he decides to enter a cave to explore it further. At the end of the cave, a huge cascade of water with a purple reflection impresses the child. He then understands that the myth of the medallion has to be true, but as the night advances the light gradually fades leaving like small purple stars slipping from the waterfall. The third movement tells of the sunrise, where the two accomplices discover that behind the waterfall a heart of wild forest is hiding. The boy then realises that it is surely a place that nobody knows and immediately decides to discover it. He starts running in the forest which is so dense that he falls several times, but nothing stops him, and at the end of this long journey, he discovers an island; an island within the island. The child is flabbergasted, climbing on his friend to try finding the famous mountain, he flies over the small island and finds the mountain where he finally finds the medallion that his great-grandfather had been looking for all along.

Publication details:
Title Medallion Of The Wild Forest
Composer Hans Loirs
Instrumentation Brass Band
Duration 11.00
Difficulty Medium/Difficult

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Medallion Of The Wild Forest (BB)

  • Composer: Hans Loirs
  • Title: Medallion Of The Wild Forest
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Instrumentation :Brass Band
  • Duration :11.00
  • Difficulty :Medium/Difficult
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