• Majestic (BB)

Samuel Shelley for Brass Band


The name Majestic is based on majestic chords and bright sounds in the composition. The melody at the beginning at Letter A is by the horns in a gentle flowing movement with the cornets and trombones using cup mutes for the syncopated rhythm accompaniment. At bar 20, basses to ensure rhythm is tight and not to drag.  Letter C continues with the melody of letter A with trombones. At bar 31 The legato crotchet and staccato quavers triplets by the trombones and basses are to be strict tempo.
The 6/8 movement at letter D is a question-and-answer motif from the lower brass until at bar 47 when it changes to 2/4 with the dotted crotched = a crotchet and to ensure the dynamics are strictly adhered to. At letter F the melody reappears with the back row cornets and the triplets by the horns and euphoniums again to be strict with the tempo.
At bar 65 the forte piano needs to be instant with the crescendo to a ff at bar 66.
From letter G to letter H is like beginning with attention to the dynamics. At bar 95 the baritone solo is followed by the euphonium until bar 101 when the horns and baritones share demi-semiquavers with lower brass playing a mournful melody. At the change from the minor to major key at bar 109 there is an introduction to the next melody by the solo cornet. At letter I the melody needs to be legato with sensitive accompaniment.
At letter K the Solo horn has a solo then at bar 143 Euphonium 1 joins in as a duet with the Solo Horn.
At bar 169 the style changes to a steady rhythmic beat with muted fanfare from the trombones.
At bar 185 the tempo increases to 124 in a 6/8 rhythm and at letter O changes to a 4/4 with an increase of tempo to 146. At bar 193 the syncopated notes in the Solo Cornet/ Flugel, Baritone and cymbal need to be short and precise. At bar 224 the original melody is returned in a 3/2 motive. At bar 238 bass notes need to be short and being joined by the baritones and euphoniums at letter S in the same style.
At letter U tempo to be strict up to bar 270 when the tempo changes to a much slower timing.
From letter Y to the end to be as dramatic as possible. 

Publication details:
Title Majestic
Composer Samuel Shelley
Instrumentation Brass Band
Duration 11.40
Difficulty Difficult

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Majestic (BB)

  • Composer: Samuel Shelley
  • Title: Majestic
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Instrumentation :Brass Band
  • Duration :11.40
  • Difficulty :Difficult
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