• Bellum Belgicum (FA)

Netherlands: Groot Repertorium: 4th Section Fanfare

(Latin translation for THE DUTCH REVOLT)

'The Dutch Revolt' (1566-1588) is in the modern historiography the name for what is called 'The Eighty Year's War' in The Netherlands. The name 'The Dutch Revolt ' is mainly referring to the early years of 'The Eighty Year's War'. In this time is the novel 'Hotse Hiddes' by Sibe of Aangium situated. This story was the source of inspiration for composer Rieks van der Velde for this composition. 

'Hotse Hiddes'
Friesland, 1567: Hotse Hiddes, a rebellious farmer's boy from Anjum, loves Wietske, a young woman who works as a maid on the stately farm The Prinsenhof. Although the farmer and his wife are strict Roman Catholic, Wietske chooses to become a follower of what was called the 'the heretical doctrine'. One of the servants finds a bible in her room and betrays her to the chaplain. Wietske is captured and is looking forward to a sad fate, although Hotse is doing everything possible to liberate her. Hotse is filled with desire for revenge. He is the leader of a gang of rebels who fights the enemy -Spaniards, monks and priests- to fire and sword. That he also makes innocent victims, doesn't bother the indifferent Hotse. He is notorious in Friesland and surroundings. After he is seriously injured in combat, Hotse is nursed in the house of an old miller and his wife. This is where he discovered the terrible consequences of the cruel robberies and looting of his gang. It is a quite different Hotse who leaves the miller's cottage, to log on to the army of William of Orange.

 This composition is written in command of the Dutch 'National Youth Fanfare Orchestra', on the occasion of the 50-year anniversary (1959-2009) of this Orchestra. In this composition is made use of the 'Piebe Bakker motif'. The motif is a musical translation of the words 'Piebe, Piebe, Bakker' and comes from the work 'In Memoriam Piebe Bakker ' by Rob Goorhuis. The composers who wrote a composition in the 2009 jubilee year for the 'National Youth Fanfare Orchestra' have all used this motive as a connecting link between the various anniversary-compositions.


Publication details:
Title Bellum Belgicum
Composer Rieks van der Velde
Instrumentation Fanfare
Duration 8.20
Difficulty Very Easy/Easy

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Bellum Belgicum (FA)

  • Composer: Rieks van der Velde
  • Title: Bellum Belgicum
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Instrumentation :Fanfare
  • Duration :8.20
  • Difficulty :Very Easy/Easy
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