• 1405: Der Brand Von Bern (CB/WB)

1405: Der Brand von Bern
Mario Bürki
A strong draught and a spark were all it took. In the afternoon of 14 May 1405 a fire started in the Brunngasse in Bern who's cause is a mystery to this day. The fire spread rapidly. The following morning over 600 houses lay in ruins and more than 100 people had died in the inferno. The people of Bern were warned. A fire in the Junkerngasse destroyed 52 houses on 28 April 1405, a bad omen predicting further suffering, according to the reports in the chronicles of the city of Bern, written by city clerk Konrad Justinger.

Publication details:
Title 1405: Der Brand Von Bern
Composer Mario Bürki
Instrumentation Concert Band/Wind Band
Duration 15.00
Difficulty Medium/Difficult
Countries availability
Not available in Germany, United Kingdom

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1405: Der Brand Von Bern (CB/WB)

  • Composer: Mario Bürki
  • Title: 1405: Der Brand Von Bern
  • Availability: 6 - 8 Days
  • Instrumentation :Concert Band/Wind Band
  • Duration :15.00
  • Difficulty :Medium/Difficult
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