• Champion Of The Seas CB/WB)

The title of this suite is taken from the name of a clipper ship built in Boston in 1854, which subsequently sailed to England to embark several hundred immigrants. From England, she sailed to Melbourne arriving in early 1855. She completed this journey in just a few short months and was considered one of the finest clippers of her time. 
The first movement begins with sounds reminiscent of the sea, including bells and shimmering cymbals. It features the marimba in recognition of the great European influence on the music of the era and the shape of the movement rises and falls to signify the swells of the open ocean.
The second movement is a chorale indicative of the doldrums that occur in the Tropics and is perhaps also mourning the loss of a sailor or two along the way.
The finale is fast and bright and concludes with agrandiose lilting melody to recreate the emotions of the crew and passengers as they sighted the heads of Port Phillip in Melbourne. The view of land would have been long awaited as the destination of the ship. Champion of the Seas aims to remind the listener of the great courage and magnificence shown by the men of the days of sail.

Publication details:
Title Champion Of The Seas
Subtitle Concert Suite For Band
Composer Matt Klohs
Instrumentation Concert Band/Wind Band
Duration 10.15
Difficulty Difficult/Very Difficult

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Champion Of The Seas CB/WB)

  • Composer: Matt Klohs
  • Title: Champion Of The Seas
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Instrumentation :Concert Band/Wind Band
  • Duration :10.15
  • Difficulty :Difficult/Very Difficult
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