• Pompeji (BB)

Netherlands: Groot Repertorium Brass Band 3e Divisie

My inspiration for the title of the work came about on reading the novel Pompeii by Robert Harris, which describes the destruction of the Roman city.In the Autumn of 2004, I consequently became very interested in this drama which took place on the banks of Vesuvius. The work which followed is simply a series of descriptions which illustrate several scenes taken from the novel. The beginning depicts the crossing of Attilius; followed by the theme devoted to the agitation of the city symbolised by a Neapolitan song. The toxic fumes released from the volcano announce the eruption which follows almost immediately: after several seismic shakings, the top of Vesuvius is torn off in an explosion. Within several minutes, Pompeii disappears beneath a thick lava. Human and animal life is destroyed. Attilius and Corelia, however, survive the disaster having been able to seek refuge within the town's underground tunnel system.

During the summer of the year 79, the privileged rich Romans leave Rome to join their villas in the South, with a view to enjoying festivities and to develop their forth-coming plots and plans. However, an earthquake destroys the majestic aqueduct «Aqua Augusta» which brings water from the edge of Vesuvius to the coastal towns. The increasingly telling signs of a major catastrophe arrive to dampen the spirits of the villagers. Attilius, an architect specialising in the building of aqueducts is sent to Rome
to repair the damage. Time is of the essence, as water is not only synonymous with survival of life but also implicated in money and power in connection with Ampliatus, an unscrupulous business man. His daughter Corelia devises a plan and calls upon the help of Attilius. Both become objects of intimidation and threats. As are millions of inhabitants, Attilius and Corelia are also totally unaware of the real
danger which hovers above them. On arrival in Pompeii, Attilius rushes forth to meet the apocalypse.

Publication details:
Title Pompeji
Subtitle Based Upon A Novel By Robert Harris
Composer Mario Bürki
Instrumentation Brass Band
Duration 9.00
Difficulty Medium
Countries availability
Not available in Germany, United Kingdom

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Pompeji (BB)

  • Composer: Mario Bürki
  • Title: Pompeji
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Instrumentation :Brass Band
  • Duration :9.00
  • Difficulty :Medium
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  • € 132.50

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