• Nosferatu (BB)

Netherlands: Groot repertorium Brass Band 3e Divisie

This piece describes the fictional tale of an adventurer who, during his quest to discover a huge treasure, finds the primordial vampire Nosferatu. Once freed from his grave, Nosferatu brings shame and disease to the land. The adventurer hunts down
the vampire, a fight ensues and Nosferatu is beaten. Once he is back in his prison, peace once again spreads across the land. People forget about Nosferatu until the day when, once again, another adventurer unknowingly frees the vampire king from
his grave. Nosferatu’s appearance differs in many ways from that of a „normal“ vampire. Contrary to the vampire who dresses elegantly and behaves eloquently, Nosferatu dresses in rags, is bald, has a hunchback, is ugly, and can barely speak. Noticeable is
also that he doesn’t bite his victims with his fangs but instead has sharpened pointy front teeth, just like a rodent. Nosferatu is therefore not associated with the wolf but with the rat, the bringer of disease and plague.

Publication details:
Title Nosferatu
Composer Mario Bürki
Instrumentation Brass Band
Duration 8.00
Difficulty Medium
Countries availability
Not available in Germany, United Kingdom

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Nosferatu (BB)

  • Composer: Mario Bürki
  • Title: Nosferatu
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Instrumentation :Brass Band
  • Duration :8.00
  • Difficulty :Medium
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