• Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus (BB)

Nu tändas tusen juleljus, is a Christian traditional Swedish language Christmas song, written in 1898 by the Swedish song text writer Emmy Köhler (both text and melody). Translated into English, the title literally means "Now are lit a thousand Christmas candles". The theme of the song is the gospel of the newborn Christ and specifically its aspects of domestic harmony and inner peace, brought by the lights of candles as well as of the stars above, most importantly the star of Bethlehem. It was one of the most popular Christmas songs in Sweden during the 20th century, in churches, homes and schools. Swedish pop singer Agnetha Fältskog recorded the song on her album "Nu tändas tusen juleljus", named after the song, with her daughter Linda Ulvaeus.

The song was also covered by artists and groups like Evie (both 1974 and 1976, also in English), Carola Häggkvist (1983),[1] Wizex (1993),[2] and Lill Lindfors (1991).[3] Swedish punk band Ebba Grön, who recorded the song in 1980,[4] altered the lyrics and called the song "Nu släckas tusen människoliv" ("Now a thousand of human lives are put out"). This version is about homelessness.

The Norwegian language version is Nå tennes tusen julelys and has been recorded by artists such as Elisabeth Andreassen and Sissel Kyrkjebø. There is also a Spanish language version called "Mil Luces" that appeared on an album entitled "Felicidad en Navidad" by an unknown artist, which was distributed by Fuente de Vida.

The Danish language version, Nu tændes tusind julelys and the Faroese language version, Nú tendrast túsund jólaljós have also been recorded.

The Russian language version, V lesu rodilas elochka (The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree), as commonly claimed was written based on the poem used written 1903 and in 1905 set to music by the amateur composer Leonid Karlovich Beckmann. The tune of the song, however, sounds quite similar to the original Swedish version.

Publication details:
Title Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus
Subtitle Now are lit a thousand Christmas candles
Composer Emmy Köhler
Arranger Nynke van der Heide
Instrumentation Brass Band
Duration 3.55
Difficulty Easy/Medium

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Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus (BB)

  • Composer: Emmy Köhler
  • Title: Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Instrumentation :Brass Band
  • Duration :3.55
  • Difficulty :Easy/Medium
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