• Celebration March (BB)
Celebration March.
The main theme is perfectly suited to the trombones (covering a good range with an economy of slide movement) who are aided by the baritones. The cornets provide the rhythmic drive whilst the flugel and tenor horns add the glue. The contrasting section provides the cornet soloists with some technical wizardry, attractively under-pinned by the euphonium. All the brass band clichés are present, including a soprano obligato guaranteed to ride confidently above the full band. As to the metronome marking, I emphasize that, whereas the speed of a military march is traditionally 120 crotchets per minute, this example of the genre is a concert march and so, with a very busy note count, 112 seems quite fast enough.
Don Bateman - 2019
Publication details:
Title Celebration March
Subtitle from 'A Festive Suite For Brass Band'
Composer Don Bateman
Instrumentation Brass Band
Duration 2.25
Difficulty Difficult

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Celebration March (BB)

  • Composer: Don Bateman
  • Title: Celebration March
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Instrumentation :Brass Band
  • Duration :2.25
  • Difficulty :Difficult
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