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Dear music lover, welcome to the website of Lake Music Publications, a publisher of sheet music(printed or as download PDF) for brass band, concert band, wind band, young band, flex band and fanfare.

The company was founded in 2002 when it published it's first couple of titles. Since then our catalogue has steadily grown with more compositions and arrangements. Extracts of most of our music are now available on demo-cd. Full cd's with our music are also available.

Lake Music Publications was founded by Rieks van der Velde and Gerry Procee. The main goal was to promote the compositions and arrangements from the pen of Rieks van der Velde. During the years to come, more and more composers/arrangers were added to the portfolio.
Since 1-1-2017 Rieks van der Velde has left the company as managing director, all his works(present and future) are still exclusively available from Lake Music Publications.

Rieks van der Velde is besides arranger/composer, one of the best known conductors for brass bands in The Netherlands. With Brass Band De Wâldsang he has built a reputation in national and international competitions as well as fine concert performers. Besides conducting two other brass bands(1st division band Zalk Excelsior and Martini Brass Band Groningen,2nd division) he is working as national and international adjudicator in music-contests.

Gerry Procee was manager of Brass Band De Wâldsang for 10 years(1991-2001) and has built many contacts worldwide in the musical world of concert-, brass- and fanfare bands.

We have designed this website, to show what we have on offer for you.
You can listen to mp3-demo files and download Miniscores in PDF.
We hope you like this site and the music that's on it and hope you will visit us soon again!

Lake Music Publications
Gerry Procee
Managing Director

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